My 3 Month Bikini Body Weight Loss Transformation with Freeletics Running

Hi, my name is Mel and I’m 34 years old. For many years, I practiced handball, gymnastics, crossfit and I went to work running. It changed when I started my own business. I went from 5 workouts a week to no more. I am now 13 kilos more than a year ago. I do not feel comfortable at all. It’s horrible for me to go shopping or wear a swimsuit. I wish to have a well-defined body and be able to wear a swimsuit with confidence. I hope to accomplish this with Freeletics Running. It will be hard, a lot of work, but I can not wait because I am convinced that I can become again the one I was before.

The Freeletics Running app is composed of interval workouts and distance runs and tells you when and how to run, depending on your level of sport and your goal My adventure is not over This video shows what happened in the first three months I dedicated myself body and soul I hope you enjoy it and motivate some of you to start The beginning was difficult I was running. I was walking. I was taking breaks. BUT I HAVE PERVERTED Because I had a dream I PUSHED MY LIMITS BUT ABOVE ALL I AM BECOMING FASTER STRONGER AMBITIOUS I WANT MORE THEN I PUSHED MY LIMITS EVEN FURTHER THESE 3 MONTHS WERE ONLY THE BEGINNING The last 3 months have changed everything I lost 9 kilos, but mostly I found new friends and found my lost trust It was just the beginning, I will continue and even add weight training and gym I encourage you to tell your best friend, to download the app and start the adventure It’s just running – nothing to be afraid of IT’S WORTH IT ! Thanks for watching my video

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Weight-loss Update: I LOST 25lbs, Current Goals + Before & After!

Hi loves! Today’s Video is going to be all about my weight loss journey.I started this journey in January 2016… It hasn’t been easy but so worth it. I hope this video can help motivate anyone who is wanting to lose weight. ►►SUBSCRIBE Here So you never miss an upload –

**I use my Fitness Pal app to keep up with my calories

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Previous Weightloss Video

Measurements Feb 2016
32 inch waist
12 1/2 inch arms
25 inch legs
43 inch hips/butt

Measurements July 2016
28 inch waist
12 inch arms
22 1/2 inch thighs/legs
40 inch hips/butt

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14 WEIRD Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work!

I decided to test out WEIRD weight loss hacks to get summer ready! All these weird hacks actually work! Share the video to spread weirdness to the world & thumbs up for more hack videos!

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How to Care For Your Tools

If you don’t care for your tools, it won’t matter how nice they are to start with. I do believe in buying the best tools you can afford. The first thing most people have is a tool chest or toolbox to store their tools. It is important to have your tools seperated so as not to bang or rub into each other, this prevents blades and cutting tools from dulling. Yet it is common to find toolboxes not kept in the most idea of locations. Reducing the amount of moisture in the air is one of the most important things you can do to increase the life of your tools. One option is purchasing @@AMAZONTEXT;B0034G4OB8;a dehumidifier@@. An inexpensive way to deal with this is by using a @@AMAZONTEXT;B0025OO8DO;silica gel can@@, which is small enough to fit in a drawer, and will help to absorb the moisture. These require reactivation or replacement every so often.

So what do you do when you get rust on your tools? it is important to remove the rust as soon as possible. Steel wool can be used to remove it, but will scratch your tools. Chemicals can also be employeed as well. It comes down to personal preference. You can always @@AMAZONTEXT;B001AU3J6Q;spraying it down with WD40@@ first, if you find it to be a bit more rough in terms of rust. To help protect it form rusting further, you should spray it down with more WD-40 or another type of oil.

Wooden handles also need to be dealt with carefully. They should be oiled (and some people use a combination oil and bee’s wax paste) to condition and protect the wood from splitting. If you have a handle that has split, you should consider either replacing it or trying to repair it with some wood glue and a bit of sanding. It is defininately easier to keep your tools nice from the start then having to bring them back after mistreating them.